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Because Gaya creations were made with love and are intended to be passed on to loved ones, they must be taken care of.  Here are a few tips on how to make sure your jewelry will be with you

for as long as possible.

Our Tips

Gold Jewelry

Here are some tips to guarantee a long life to your jewels:

  • Avoid high temperatures as well as contact with water, perfume, chemicals and cosmetics.

  • Take off your jewelry to sleep, play sports or wash your hands.

  • When you are not wearing your jewelry, store it in individual pouches or cases.

  • You can also clean your jewelry every 2-3 months with warm soapy water and a small, soft toothbrush.

  • It is also possible to have your jewelry polished, rhodium-plated or even repaired.

Our Tips

Lacquered jewelry

To avoid and prevent discoloration and damage, care should be taken when wearing enamel jewelry.

  • Be aware of hard surfaces and avoid any type of friction.

  • Do not expose enamel to extreme cold or heat, water, chemicals, or alcohol-based products (lotions, cleaning agents, and so forth).

  • Do not use jewelry cleaner or a jewelry polishing cloth. Instead, use mild soap and water, a soft cloth, then air dry.

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