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Discover our Star and Blue Tourmaline Duo necklace.
This celestial body that guided the Magi enlightens those born under a lucky star.
The star evokes vitality, beauty and destiny.
It is the landmark of travelers in the uncertainty of immensity and the keys to astrology.
This elegant jewel is reminiscent of the blue of the sky and will bring a touch of softness to your outfit.

Star & Blue Tourmaline Duo Necklace

SKU: 33009
Can be ordered via contact form
  • 18k yellow gold – 750/1000
    Weight : 3.5g
    Total weight : 3.6 g
    Symbol(s) : Star
    Gemstone(s) : blue tourmaline
    Chain : cable chain 40 cm, thickness 1.3 mm

    * All creations are made by hand, weights and sizes are suggestive.


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