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Discover our magnificent Color for Life necklace, Divine Footprint of the Earth.
It is a unique piece with the possibility to order it at your convenience.
Its gemstones and gold symbols make it an exceptional jewel that will bring a rainbow of color to your life.

Divine Footprint of the Earth Necklace

SKU: 33035
Can be ordered via contact form
  • 18k yellow gold – 750/1000
    Symbol(s) : mini clover, maxi star, mini flower, maxi eye, mini key, mini eye, mini moon
    Gemstone(s) : Engraved coral, opal, rubellite, eye in blue turquoise, green turquoise, opal, pink tourmaline, carnelian, boulder opal, pink tourmaline, green jade, lapis lazuli.

    * All creations are made by hand, weights and sizes are suggestive.

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