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La Créatrice


An artist, a woman, an unwavering generosity

A daughter who is a woman and a woman who is a mother, Céline Rivet is at the image of Gaya: free, wild, and radiant.

Passionate about jewelry for as long as she can remember, Céline aka Garna decided to study gemology. She began her career working for a diamond dealer, learning to sort diamonds and then sell them to the Maisons of Place Vendôme, where she became a true virtuoso of gemstones. Deep down, Garna always knew that she wanted to create… this became her ultimate goal. With her creative spirit awakened, she decided to let her talent express itself by founding Garnazelle, her own High Jewelry brand, in 2001.

Céline Rivet designs luxurious one-of-a-kind pieces, crafted in France in the pure tradition of French jewelry craftsmanship. It is the fabulous Boule d'Amour which makes her a part of history. This ring is her very first creation, the one that brings her back to the essential, the one that resembles her the most. On this iconic ring, all in roundness and softness, we find many gold granules, so-called "love granules", which would soon become the artist's signature. 


The artist brought her unchanging and harmonious style to the traditional world of jewelry. Her talent quickly made her a name for herself, as did her compassion and generosity. For Garnazelle, it is people who make things happen, and this wonderful adventure is only possible thanks to these fantastic artisans, “these virtuosos of the shadows”.

Inspired by flora and fauna, but also inspired by the people around her, Céline creates extraordinary jewelry that is truly timeless. Genuine works of art, these jewels amaze both by their beauty and by the emotions and messages that they convey to their wearers.

Garnazelle’s signature style can be found in Gaya jewelry. In need of a new adventure, Garna launched Gaya in 2017, a brand offering a different kind of everyday jewelry, inspired by the women who have influenced her life and their struggles. Gaya is a tribute that celebrates these women through its romantic, bohemian, and colorful collections. Each of Gaya's creations is in line with Garnazelle and proudly displays symbols dear to everyone, love granules and colorful gemstones. 

Much more than a designer, Céline Rivet is a woman with a heart of gold whose convictions are reflected both in her art and in her life endeavors.

Photo portée de notre boucle d'oreille Luminescente de la collection Color for Life


Jewelry by women, for women…

Gaya, named after the mother goddess, offers a vision of everyday luxury. Established in 2017, Gaya offers handcrafted, organic, layered jewelry to accompany women day after day. Energetic and impertinent, Gaya celebrates universal love and pays tribute to women, all women.

Gaya is a rich, unexpected and joyful experience.

Never compromising on quality, Céline Rivet decided to showcase the use of gold and gemstones. Her creations have been designed to accompany women through all moments of joy, sorrow, and change. Exclusively made of 18-karat gold, Gaya jewelry is designed in France and manufactured in Europe. All are adorned with our famous love granules, thereby displaying the artist's signature. 

Gaya’s ambition is to make women of all ages and backgrounds feel beautiful and to brighten their daily lives with a rainbow of precious stones. A young, lively, and dynamic brand, Gaya conveys a strong message of universal love. Gaya is about love, solidarity, and emotions as beautiful as they are powerful. Gaya, #PowerOfEmotions

Gaya creations are available through our own elegant and fluid e-shop. Parisian women can also discover our creations in the Garnazelle flagship store.

Notre Histoire


Be you, be free, be GAYA!

More than a brand, Gaya is a philosophy, a lifestyle, a celebration of women, a message of love, built on creations of incomparable quality.

Girls are strong! Gaya is the story of all free, powerful, and independent women. Time stands still, arms lock together, and age does not matter… only the bond between these women matters, all in a moment of freedom and love. Gaya will never stop celebrating women who are courageous, supportive, accepting, caring, free, dignified, strong (and not so strong); this is the DNA of our brand. We are the jewelry house that gives power to the sensitive, to women, to the expression of beauty, and to emotions!

Our love of beauty translates into a strong emphasis on French jewelry-making savoir-faire. A guarantee of quality and originality, Gaya creations are entirely made of 18-karat gold and adorned with the finest colored stones. They are designed to accompany the modern woman through the use of elegant designs and symbols, adapted to everyday life and full of meaning.

Gaya is Love! Gaya embodies universal love and conveys a message of compassion, acceptance, and togetherness… Gaya is a return to feelings, to values, to what is essential. Gaya looks beyond differences and encourages love in all its forms. Love is all!

Notre Philosophie
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Respect our Earth and pass on its wonders ...

Make each day an event, a commitment. This is Gaya’s mission.

But beyond this, Gaya is committed to an eco-responsible approach that aims to take care of our planet and to favor local development. All of our creations are designed in Paris and made within two hours of the capital.

Committed to sustainability, we select our stones with the greatest care and pay particular attention to their traceability. We seek out the most environmentally friendly mines and place great importance on respecting the Kimberley Process, responsible sourcing and anti-corruption laws. Our designer herself is involved in the selection process to ensure quality, integrity, and environmental responsibility.

Transmission is at the heart of our approach: to transmit our expertise and know-how, to hand down a jewel to a loved one, but also to pass on a healthy and livable planet to the next generation. Like our customers, we fight every day with conviction, passion, and ambition to preserve our independence.

Green Attitude


18k gold creations
handcrafted with passion

Our creations, our collections

Gaya is a rich, unexpected, and joyful experience. Respecting high quality standards is an absolute priority of ours. We love the idea that our sparkling, beautiful creations are precious treasures to be handed down from one generation to the next. Through our collections, each one more original than the last, we charm the bohemians, the romantics, and the wise…

In gold we trust!

Luxury becomes part of our daily lives with handcrafted, organic, and layered jewelry. All of our jewelry is made of 18-karat gold in the pure tradition of French jewelry craftsmanship. Gold is a precious and everlasting metal that holds a special place in Gaya’s heart, as it does in Céline Rivet’s. The designer’s signature can be found in the “boules d’amour” that have made Garnazelle, Céline’s high jewelry brand, so successful for the past 20 years.

A rainbow of gemstones

To brighten up your life, we want to adorn your jewelry with the most beautiful precious gemstones. It is our designer herself who selects them with the greatest care.

Jewelry, our profession, a passion

Gaya’s know-how is the result of passionate French craftsmen who uphold an art of beauty. Our designer Céline Rivet’s background as a gemologist gives her a thorough knowledge of stones, their characteristics, and their histories. Garna understands them, brings them to life, and pairs them together. For 20 years, she has been committed to creating pieces made from exceptional raw materials and assembled in the best Parisian workshops. This commitment is the irrefutable proof of her love for jewelry and her artist’s soul, providing Gaya with a multitude of wonders in the form of jewelry.

Notre Savoir-faire
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